Who Am I

Curious about the person behind the blog? Me too. The facts are that I grew up outside of Seattle except for a couple years of prep school I spent in Maryland. Returning before I could graduate from said prep school, I was at somewhat of a loss at where I would take my life. It's a scary place to be, floundering without any idea where you belong in the world. Somehow cooking found me, and I realized that it was something I had loved all my life but needed a push to really discover how far I could take it. I studied hard and received my AAS degree in Culinary Arts and around that same time met my now husband, Robert. Four years, and a happy marriage later I live with him and our wonderful adopted beagle, Chance. I get to plan fancy parties for a living (which I love) and in my spare time practice yoga, hike, and explore my amazing hometown.

I started this blog so that I'd have a way to maintain my love for cooking but have come to realize that it's more than that. I love cooking, and I'm always creating new recipes, but I have so much more I want to share about my life. It's my hope that over time the Hearty Homestead will become representative of all that and my readers can share those with me.


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