2013, Ready or not

Whew! It feels like this year is flying by, doesn't it?
Either way, 2012 was a big year for me in many ways. I've learned a lot about myself and those around me. Life has definitely taken on a new meaning in many ways. Whether I'm prepared or not, I'm sure this next year will have plenty of new lessons and experiences for me to absorb.
Between getting married in September, and going back to school next month (yikes!) I am sure I will have a lot to share with you.

As far as resolutions go I want to eat vegetarian for a full year, think of others more, be more respectful of myself, and post on this blog at least once a week with a new recipe.
For New Years I will again be working both Eve and Day, but I'm hoping to pull off a decent sized feast to share with you. Ummm, citrus glazed ham with fried sage before becoming vegetarian for the rest of the year? I think yes!
Much love all! See you in 2013!


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