April Showers

Sometimes things don't always go so well. You sit down, and you can't possibly think of a reason to get back up. Whether it's certain people or certain situations, it all becomes a little overwhelming and you need to take a deep breath and look back at all the good things that have happened. Take some time and remind yourself why it's not all bad, and why it will always get better.

  • Seattle Restaurant week is this week, and I'm desperately hoping to get out and enjoy some of the local selections around town. You can check out the list here.
  • This sandwich by My New Roots is amazing. I made it as a sort of family dinner for my coworkers and they were just as obsessed as I was. I probably don't need to eat anything else ever.
  • Pike Place Market this past week was filled with all sorts of delights including brightly colored tulips, fiddlehead ferns, and fresh Northwest black truffles. I had to physically restrain myself from running to the ATM and draining my life savings for more food.
  • mint green. That is all.
  • This Sunday was awesome because a) it was National Beer Day b) the weather outside was horrible and c) all three of my favorite tv shows were on. It made it way too easy for me to just sit inside and not even feel guilty about it.
  • I have lost five pounds from eating vegan, and I'm loving it, especially with above mentioned sandwich. 
  •  That face, how can you say no to it? Ever? 

  • Farmers market in the town where I live begins in approximately 25 days. 
  • On Friday I had the pleasure of trying Stone Brewers Old Guardian from 2007 and The Vine Sour Ale. Separately both beers were amazing - the Guardian was smokey and hoppy while The Vine was sour enough to taste like a dry sparkling wine or cider, but with a touch of malt and hops. I am so lucky to live in such a popular area for breweries, wineries and distilleries alike.
  • Fresh strawberries taste like happy in my mouth. I can eat those for days... Along with previously mentioned sandwich. 
  • I think I acquired a tan because I put on white nail polish and it doesn't blend in with my skin, that's something to be happy about right?
  • Speaking of tans, I'm going on vacation to San Diego next month (in approximately 32 days)  and I am so excited. Normally our visits are brief and over all too soon. This time we have five whole days to enjoy our time there. Along with my cousin's graduation (and engagement!) my sister-in-law-to-be is throwing my fiance and I a engagement party where I get to meet the whole family. Super exciting! San Diego is also the source of all the delicious fresh strawberries I've been eating, so I imagine I'll be able to have ALL THE STRAWBERRIES I WANT. I think they have beaches there too, yeah, beaches and sunshine, but mostly strawberries.
  • Okay, my personal case of the Mondays is over, now back to the kitchen! 


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