Readers... Getting married is not easy. The only thing that's easy about getting married is pinning things on Pinterest so that you feel like you're actually doing something to help with the planning. So despite difficulties and numerous headaches, I am incredibly excited to share this big day with you. I know in the end, however "bloggable" it may or may not be, I will be happy with it and my new husband.

OKAY now that we covered wedding headaches and more, lets move on to something more fun... like food, and vacations! Summer is definitely making an appearance here, and that means farmer's market is back! The agonizing wait for farm fresh produce is over! And I enjoyed my visits there so far immensely. I have had fresh rhubarb, strawberries, radishes, and arugula aplenty. (In fact my next post will be on pickled and roasted radishes, yum!)

 I also went on vacation to beautiful San Diego where the Hillcrest farmer's market was one of my favorite points in the trip. I literally ate fresh avocado and sprouts every day. They also had fresh sea urchin to crack open and spoon out right there! Amazing!
So for your viewing pleasure, enjoy some photos I managed to snap on my trip.

Fresh greens ready to be planted from the Farmer's Market.

Asparagus, swiss chard, rhubarb, and parsnips all are part of the spring bounty.

The view from our San Diego hotel, bliss!

Obligatory trip to Sea World was amazing, I could have stayed there forever!


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