Good Things Come in Small Packages

Yes, readers. I found a lonely brown box sitting on my doorstep yesterday afternoon and jumped for joy when I opened it and discovered I now was the proud owner of a shiny, new Holga camera. It was like the photography stork had brought me my own camera-child. You may be familiar with Holgas or Lomography in general, if not I will explain my excitement to you.
Lomography is the "art" of using toy cameras. These cameras are equipped with a plastic lens that gives its pictures a soft, dreamy, almost unfocused effect. Because they are very cheap and made of plastic, they are also known for getting light leaks in some areas. It's all very random as to how your pictures might turn out. Something I both love and miss about working with film. These cameras are very forgiving because once you get the hang of the focus and lighting, almost every picture comes out looking great because of the effects caused by the design of the camera.
I've been snapping away at everything and now it's simply a matter of sending it off to a film developer - a whole new challenge in itself since apparently no one believes in film anymore.


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