Obligatory Instagram Post

I really feel guilty about this post. Truly. It's one thing I told myself I wouldn't do if I wrote in a blog. I wanted never to just throw a bunch of Instagram photos in your face as a reader and have you dig through them all. That's what Flickr is for.

Here I am though, posting my week in Instagram because things have been keeping me especially busy here on the homestead. Including a very exciting visit from some family members at the end of the month! Nothing makes me happier than showing off my hometown and introducing people to all the wonderful places hidden in the nooks and crannies of Seattle. However, it means my little apartment has to be fairly presentable which presents a long list of tasks to complete before they arrive.

The top three photos are from the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. My father and I have been making our annual trip there for several years now and it has always been a gorgeous escape from the miserable overcast days. Every show has a different theme for their display gardens and this year it was A Floral Symphony. Every different landscaper based their garden designs around music and sound, it was an astounding combination. In one massive drums were erected in the middle of a pretty garden and "raindrops" dripped down from a gazebo overhead causing a loud beat to echo around the convention center. The one with the chicken coop made of an old VW Bus included a giant interactive harp while another included an actual live harpist playing Clair de Lune. The third photo was just such a creative idea, I had to snap a shot - a "living" table made out of a re-purposed shipping pallet with a pretty bouquet of flowers growing out of the middle.
Next we've started a Biggest Loser competition at my work so my fellow coworkers and I have made an extra effort to eat much healthier. My diet has consisted of green smoothies and lots of quinoa and fresh fish. Pictured above is grilled salmon over quinoa and lentils with a fresh mango salsa, grilled endive and broccoli salad and avocado fries. Yum! Lastly, this past weekend my father and I ventured into downtown Seattle to brave the Seattle Home Show. After spending a couple hours browsing through windows and re-modelers we quickly tired of the displays and retreated to Elysian Fields where I picked up a delicious Prometheus IPA and had an amazing lunch.

These were waiting for me when I got home from work on Tuesday afternoon. Such a nice surprise even if the chocolates didn't help my diet!


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