Easter Weekend

 This Easter Sunday I took a well deserved break from the kitchen and didn't cook a single thing, unless you count sangria. I did spend a majority of the day cleaning up my decrepit garden and getting my seeds in for summer harvest. That really shouldn't be counted as work though, because with the sun shining down and the cool breeze, it felt like heaven.
 My garden is now filled with happy little seeds including zucchini, carrot, parsnip, sugar pumpkins and in my ingenious "trellis" - sugar peas. Afterwards my little brother and I concocted some fabulous sangria and sat out enjoying the beautiful day. So, my dear blogging friends, my advice to you is to get out and do the same. 
When Monday started though, I was back in the kitchen, but for the first time in a good couple of weeks, it was my own kitchen and I was cooking for myself - something you have to do when your fiance's idea of lunch is frozen corndogs. Ugh.
My garden wasn't the only thing that had fallen into disrepair. Being surrounded by greasy, easy to grab snacks in the kitchen has made it all to easy to let my diet fall to shambles. Luckily with a little more personal time on my hands, I've discovered the "Alkaline Diet" and have been reading up on it endlessly. Thanks to Pinterest, I discovered the site The Alkaline Sisters, and with all their beautiful pictures and delicious recipes, it makes eating healthy seem like a breeze. I recently tried their Carrot, Jicama, and Pepper slaw and it was delicious!
The bright colors of fresh baby bells make and dish look super appetizing!


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