Pinterest - my new best friend.

I never really valued time, until the days started to slip by faster than I realized. Unfortunately since I've been so busy most of my days off are spent underneath my bed covers trying to recuperate. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but it definitely doesn't leave a lot of room for hobbies, especially something that can be as time consuming as cooking. Something I have started doing in my minimal amounts of free time is planning my wedding. My fiance and I both agreed that we would take quite a bit of time preparing for the big event, so we could both save up and get the exact vendors we wanted. I find it hard sometimes to contain my excitement, and have begun collecting a variety of images for my Pinterest account. We also went ahead and had some engagement photos taken and made up some announcements we're sending out to family members as a keepsake. Even though it will be a long, drawn out process, I want the festivities to continue throughout the engagement, and thought this would just be one of many small tokens for family and friends.
Addressing the announcements and this happy little lavender plant keep me going.


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