Sitka & Spruce

I finally had a chance to relax and enjoy a day off yesterday and spent much of the afternoon with my mother, trolling around Capitol Hill in the sunshine. It was an amazing day and one of the highlights was going out to a local restaurant I've been dying to try - Sitka & Spruce.
We got there in time for their elevenses and lunch menu and were seated near the giant warehouse windows so we could look out on the beautiful city.
The most amazing thing about the restaurant is that it's a very small area, barely bigger than my 615 sq foot apartment, but a large portion of it is taken up by a giant farmhouse style table, with guests seated at one end, and the chefs cooking, and prepping meals on the other so it feels so cozy and homey, it's impossible not to enjoy yourself. Our meal was comprised of a variety of small plates, including fresh made baguettes, local artisan cheeses and honey, a chickpea kohlrabi salad (which I'm dying to recreate for my lunch), king salmon lox with pickled strawberries, and for dessert a slice of incredibly moist gateau with dried apricots.

I hope some of you have a chance to venture down there, it's located within the Capitol Market which includes a variety of specialty food stores that had me drooling even after I had finished lunch!


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