Sunshine & Seagrass

Sailing around the sound in PT Townsend
What do you do when you have sunshine, a tank full of gas, and a day without any plans? Road trip of course! My fiance and I took the opportunity to catch some vitamin D and drove over to the Olympic Peninsula to check out some venues for our wedding. The peninsula is full of adorable little coastal towns and we wound up finding an amazing spot for us to get married, with everything a bride could ever dream of - sun, gardens, and the ocean as a backdrop. This dream place is called the Hood Canal Vista Pavilion and can be found in the small town of Port Gamble, a privately owned township with a population of 76 people is a paradise of its own.  After we visited there and toured the pavilion, we made our way up to Port Townsend, a larger and more populous port town on the Northeastern tip of the peninsula. There we were able to relax with a couple of delicious cocktails, have an amazing dinner, stumble onto a farmers market and watch the sun set over the ocean.

For our evening meal my finance enjoyed his first ever (?!) plate of eggplant parmesean, and I had the special for the evening which wound up being a tasty plate of seared scallops with currant couscous and curried carrot puree. Not pictured is the tasty beverage I enjoyed which was a martini made with a local lavender vodka and twist of lemon. Surprisingly smooth and refreshing, I knew I wanted to try lavender vodka for a while now and was pleased when I finally got the chance.

Beyond that we also found an amazing home decor shop known as Conservatory - Coastal Home which I plan to visit again before we move in to our new home! Hurray!


  1. One of the best days ever Babe!

  2. Wish I was there - those scallops look awesome!