Shrimp & Balmy Breezes

One day after another of eighty degree weather on a warm beach, with gentle waves and sea breezes making this quite a relaxing couple of days for me. Our adventures thus far have included an island-wide excursion where we toured every beach along the North Shore. One stop we were assured would be worth the stop was Giovanni's Shrimp Truck. What we discovered was a little market gathered off the side of the road, with little tourist stops and a huge crowd gathered around for the shrimp scampi from this truck.
They also offered a spicy shrimp dish, but none in my group were brave enough to try it. (They warn you that it is VERY spicy.) Besides just the shrimp they had this amazing pineapple dish from a shaved iced stand next door. So between our massive pile of shrimp and pineapple smothered with a sort of Hawaiian five-spice blend that is so juicy it drips down your hands and all over your face, we had ourselves quite a delicious lunch.

 The next event I'm very excited for is a luau we're going to on Friday. It'll be the very same one my parents went to about 23 years ago, and supposedly the best on the island. I'll make sure to take a ton of pictures there as long as I don't have too many mai tais! Aloha!


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